Music Supervisor GARY SALZMAN

Executive Music Producer MOREY LEVOVITZ


Soundtrack Producer JOE KOPPIE


Music Clearances LARRY KATZ

Music Supervisor Assistants CHRIS SKORR




“Good Times Roll” “Dreamer”

Performed by Keyser Soze Performed by The Golden Pony, Tina DeCara and MKJ

Written by Ric Ocasek Written by Tim Monkiewicz, Greg Scalera

Published by Universal Music Corp. Published by GSJK Publishing (ASCAP)

on behalf of itself and Lido Music, Inc. Courtesy of Tim Monkiewicz


Courtesy of Honey Rose Records

“Superstar” "Make It Up To You"

Performed by: Alicia Madison and The Golden Pony

Written by Alicia Madison, Michael Grant, Timothy Monkiewicz

David Worby, Andreas Montaginil Published by Joe & Gary Music Publishing (BMI)

Published by Joe & Gary Music Publishing (BMI) Courtesy of Big Management, Quattro Records,

and Futurebeat LTD (PRS) Panik Records, Gresham Records

Courtesy of Contagious Records

“Crack the Ground” “What I Want”

Performed by Ru and Maxwell D Performed by Julian Javan and Lachi

Written by Ruwanga Samath, Denzol Cameron Written by Julian Erik Johansen van Kranendonk,

& Brandon Hicks and Lachi

Published by Track Birds (SESAC) Published by Joe & Gary Music Publishing (BMI)

Maxwell D (PRS) and Lifted Publishing (BMI)

Detroit Nation (ASCAP) Courtesy of Quattro Music & Big Managment

Courtesy of Birdcall Entertainment

“Family” (feat. Tim Armstrong) “Higher”

Performed by The Interrupters Performed by: Breaking Heights

Written by Aimee Allen, Kevin Bivona Written by Gregory Michael Cahn (SESAC),

Jesse Bivona, Justin Bivona, Tim Armstrong Oscar Mauricio Doniz Lopez (SESAC),

Published by The Interrupters Music Brandon Shelton Hicks (ASCAP)

Publishing (ASCAP) Publisher(s): iCahn Publishing (SESAC),

This Is My Family Publishing (BMI) Sounds Within My Head (SESAC),

c/o Wixen Music Publishing, Inc. Detroit Nation (ASCAP)

Courtesy of Hellcat Records Courtesy of Breaking Heights

"Yerba" “Lip Up Fatty”

Performed Alek Sander featuring Juicy J Performed by Bad Manners

Written By: Alek Sander Written by Douglas Trendle, Christopher Kane,

Published by Kosmopolitmusic (GEMA) Paul Hyman, David Farren, Norman Cook,

Courtesy of Splendid Sounds Records Andrew Marson, Alan Sayag

Martin Stewart, Brian Tuitt

Published by WB Music Corp. (ASCAP)

Courtesy of Warner Music UK LTD

By arrangement with Warner Music Group

Film & TV Licensing

“Keep This Love Alive” “Escape”

Performed by Peppina Performed by Mind the Gap

Written by: Peppina Pallijeff & Jonathan McHugh Written By: Gregory Michael Cahn, Ruwanga Samath

Published by: Peppina Music & Oscar Mauricio Doniz Lopez, Alexander William Yang

Song Stew Music (ASCAP) Published By: iCahn Publishing (SESAC) Track Birds

Courtesy of Honey Rose Records (SESAC),Sounds Within My Head (SESAC),

Diamond Yang Publishing (SESAC)

Courtesy of Birdcall Productions

“We Can Go Back Again” "I Need Your Love"

Performed by Peppina Performed by Alicia Madison

Written by Peppina Pallijeff, Michael Lee Spivack Written by Marisol Credle, Covarrubias Alvaro A

and Jeffrey Franzel Published by Joe & Gary Music Publishing (BMI)

Published by Peppina Music: (ASCAP) Courtesy of Tweak Spin

Michael Lee Spivack (ASCAP)

Bird Wins Publishing (ASCAP)

Courtesy of Honey Rose Records

"When I Give My Love To You"

Performed by Peter Himmelman

Written by Peter Himmelman

Published by Peter Himmelman (ASCAP)

Courtesy of Himmasongs, Inc